Full Roof Replacements

A roof system is designed to be a water-tight component of the building envelope. In addition to properly exhausting water from atop a building, a roof system should also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a structure.

The components of a roofing system degrade over time and will reach a point when they have reached the end of their useful life cycle. In some cases, this process can be accelerated by an outside force such as wind or hail. When it is no longer economically feasible to make repairs to an aged roof system, a replacement may be most appropriate.

Beck Commercial Roofs delivers only full roof replacement services that meet the highest industry standards, and most importantly, that meet and exceed the expectations of every customer.

Leak Investigation and Repair

Leaks can not only be a nuisance but they can wreak havoc on business personal property and greatly impact daily business operations. For owners of leased commercial real estate, continually reported leaks from tenants can even create a point of contention if not quickly addressed.

The roofing experts at Beck Commercial Roofs can quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks. Once a point of water ingress is identified, we build a custom repair plan to correct all roofing problems.

Emergency Repairs: Our team can quickly mobilize to make emergency repairs should a rood experience a catastrophic failure. Whether making immediate and permanent repairs or focusing on emergency temporary repairs to stop water intrusion, our team of roofing experts develop custom solutions for every roof type.

Beck Commercial Roofs can provide emergency repair to TPO, PVC, Modified Bitumen, Built-up, EPDM, and Metal Roofing systems.

Roof System Maintenance Programs

A roof maintenance program is a worthwhile investment that prevents the expense of avoidable and costly roof repairs and can add years to the life of a roof system. Maintenance programs are easily customized to meet the needs of each roof system.

Custom Roof Maintenance Plans may include the following:

  • Semi-annual inspections and post-storm inspections.
  • Inspection of key roofing components such as curb flashing, pitch pans, water-shedding membrane, and edge metal systems.
  • Meaningful repairs that promote the exhaustion of water from the roof membrane and the gutters/downspouts.
  • Cleaning and/or beautification of the roof membrane and appurtenance property.
  • Detailed inspection reports for your records.